Author notes: Birthday drabble for Tanaqui. Crossover with Supernatural.


“We found an expert,” Landry said, “to fix your… problem.”

In Atlantis’s Gate Room, Rodney rolled his eyes. John sympathized.

An expert. On poltergeists. Ri-ight.

John steeled himself, expecting some wild-haired woman in flowing robes reeking of incense and bedecked with too many necklaces to come through.

But the man who walked from the wormhole belied all prejudice. Jeans, brown jacket, graying beard. Walking with the confidence of a military man, his eyes flicked around, inventorying possible threats and escape paths.

Elizabeth offered her hand. “I’m Dr. Weir. This is Lieutenant-Colonel Sheppard.”

He took the hand. “John Winchester.”


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